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Hello hello! Welcome to my blog! I started this blog in 2013, with a low self esteem and a lot of body image problems. Then one day I was looking thru a few blogs I followed and discover this new world of Fitblr's and Peanut butter! lol its weird how much a bunch of motivational pictures and half naked fit girls can help your self esteem. lol >_< Then I found all these girls/women who were going thru the same thing as I was. The difference was they were actually doing something about it! exercise, healthy eating lifestyle, self acceptance. It changed everything!
So of course I joined them!! lol Here's my rants and raves, exercise routine, what I like to eat.... what I would like to eat, sexy fit women, sexy women in general. All that I love and dream about. Im SLOWLY changing, but at least that's SOMETHING! <3 ;)
starting weight:151lbs
goal 130. 5"7 21yrs old
Things I can relate to: anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating, self hate/disgust, suicidal, overweight, shame and
guilt and really bad grammar.

Things I have overcome: anorexia, suicidal, overweight, self hate.

:D message me if you want. ;)